June 22, 2007


The Azores beacon was heard here again today at 16:45 for about 10mins but it seems I missed it for at least 30minutes before as I was away from the shack. Still the big Es opening for the CU stations eludes, I really hope they get a good one soon, it must take real ham spirit to set up a VHF station so far from anyone!

There was also an opening to the south-east with TK5JJ, IS0GQX, 9H1AW, 9H5L strong here for about 30 mins.

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June 21, 2007

Slow Es season

So far this year the DX season has been very poor, no tropo and almost no Es.

Today was a little better with a strong, sustained opening to southern Spain, Portugal and Morrocco.

This was the sort of Es when you could hear someone with a handheld on a beach, many FM channels were heard busy with local QSO's chatting away, oblivious to the rare conditions.

Being a work day activity was quite low and several of the stations heard had been worked several times before so I didn't call them again.

20/06/2007 144MHz
12:34 EA7BYM IM66UM 59/59 1512km
12:36 CT1HZE IM57NH 59/59 1452km
12:40 EA7TN 59/59 1488km
12:50 EA7FTR IM67LG 59/59 1434km
12:53 CT1BYM IM58IQ 59/59 1309km
12:57 CN8LI IM63NX 59/59 1798km
13:08 CT1EPC IM68GD 59/59 1341km
13:12 CN8SG IM64QG 59/59 FM 1764km
13:17 EB7AEY IM67LG 59/59 1434km
13:21 CN8ET IM63 59/59 FM 1849km Casablanca

No new squares but a nice opening. Still EA9 eludes me but I hope it is just a matter of time!

Later, when it seemed there was no chance, the FAI path to Italy opened:

20:51 I6BQI JN62AK 53f/53f CW FAI 1570km
21:05 IWFIY JN61GW 33f/52f CW FAI 1637km

QTF's were 090 and 330( from italy)


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June 09, 2007

Log report

Quick strong opening today:

09/06/2007 14:55 9A3UV JN85ER 59/59 1673km
09/06/2007 15:01 OE3JTB JN78QN 59/59 1496km
09/06/2007 15:02 DK5RQ JN68BV 59/59 1256km
09/06/2007 15:03 OM5KM JN98BG 55/59 1700km
09/06/2007 15:06 DJ8RZ JN58RQ 55/55 1213km
09/06/2007 15:06 HA5CW JN97PM 59/59 1808km

I heard OE3JTB tune and make his "first cq of the day", quite a long call, must have got a shock when I called him as he was a huge signal here.

Very high MUF again, Paul G4RRA also worked JN58 only from IO80bs, very short QRB, pity it didn't last a bit longer.

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June 06, 2007

ionoscatter and Es

Report for 5th June:

As a prelude to Joe's spectacular ionoscatter or FAI opening to DL/PA in the evening in which distances approaching 2200km were worked.
15:09 CT1HZE IM57NH 51/52 SSB ionoscatter 1452km

Brief Es opening then followed, it was brief , patchy and strong as always seems to be the case with openings to EA/CN from here:

18:07 EA7BYM IM66UM 59/59 SSB 1512km
18:13 CN8KD IM63KX 59/59 SSB 1799km

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June 02, 2007


A big Es event today, I was in it at the start and was hearing the Panteleria beacon 59++ so was very pleased when he popped up on 144300 too

1420 IH9GPI 59 59 JM56xt 2016km

Great to make a qso after hearing the beacon so many times.

Just two minutes later on a different Es cloud SV1BTR appeared and was a huge signal for hours

02/06/2007 14:23 SV1BTR KM18NO 59 59 SSB ES 2567km
02/06/2007 15:07 I6BQI JN62AK 55f 55f CW FAI 1570km
02/06/2007 15:07 IC8FAX JN7CN 53f 55f CW FAI 1842km
02/06/2007 15:31 SV2JL KN1LO 59 59 SSB ES 2421km

A bit of FAI and then open to SV again.

I also heard IT9VDQ but not many got-aways. Was right on the very edge of it, SV1BTR must have an amazing log for today!

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