September 03, 2007

Aurigid meteor spectacular

Predicitions for a short dramatic Aurigids shower on saturday morning proved spot on. For about 1 hour 11-12UTC on saturday 1st September, bursts of up to 5 minutes long were heard. It was as intense as the famous 1998 Leonids although that shower was also much longer.

I worked a few stations but spent most of the time listening for VE9AA who had a 144MHz MS sked with GW4DGU. I didn't hear anything from Mike though.

A few stations did make the MS log including I8MPO, 4O3T, YO2LHD/P, IW2DAL, DL4SD, S50C, 9A4VW.

ODX was 4O3T at 2011km, they were 59++ for several minutes on 144300!

Later in the day the sepetmber contest began with a high level tropo duct to the SSE. EA3DJL JN12ik and F6KEH/P JN02xr 59++ throughout the contest.

HB9WW JN36uu operated by HB9HLM/CN2DX was also 59+++ for hours.

The SSW duct was also open a while

01/09/2007 15:52 144.280MHz EA8BPX 53009 51002 IL18sk 2589km

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