July 21, 2008

Azores Tropo CU3EQ Terciera Island

I finally managed to make contact with CU3EQ today after many many attempts. Signals were not strong, I could not hear the CU8DUB beacon on tropo at all but had a few pings from it which is usually an indication that conditions are up.

14:25 CU3EQ 144.310MHz HM68KP 429 529 2144km

About an hour later there was no copy at all but the tropo forecast looks OK so hopefully an ssb QSO will follow soon.

UPDATE 22:30

The duct did improve somewhat with EA8 signals reaching way over S9 and CU3EQ 55 on SSB. Aslo in the log is :

20:11 CU2JX 144.300MHz HM77ES 52 55 ssb 2121km for another new one.

along with EA8/DL6FAW and CT1ANO on cw/ssb and EA1QS via a repeater in IN52.

The CU signals never got very strong and had faded by 21:30, CU7BC was apparently QRV but not heard here.

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July 17, 2008

Joe versus the Volcano

Another strong duct from the Canary Islands to the UK today enabled easy contacts with EA8TX and EA8TJ on 144MHz.

Joe, CT1HZE was very strong reflected off the enormous Tenerife Volcano over a 3800km total path, so strong in fact, that his signal was almost fully quieting on FM!!! We made several QSO's between 10:30 and 13:00 UTC via this path.

I guess that due to the time of day there were no other stations on, it would be nice to work EA7 and CN by this reflection mode also someday.

Looking forward to next weeks CQ9U dxpedition to Salvagen Island in IM20bd, hope the tropo duct stays open.

I had a nice visit today from Dick GM4PPT who took a few photos of the antenna's and shack which I will post here as soon as he mails them to me. It was great to put a face to the voice I have heard so many times over many years on 144MHz band. Dick was also able to witness one of the Volcano Reflection QSO's with CT1HZE.

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July 11, 2008

Es/FAI/ Side scatter ?

Well, whatever propagation made it was, a few stations made it into the log as the MUF hovered just below what was needed for a full-blown Es opening this evening.

18:25 S54O 53i
19:05 IZ4BEH 53i
19:09 I8MPO 52f
19:09 HA5CH 57f
19:10 YO2LEA 55f KN06wl odx today
19:11 HA1FV 52f

Beam heading was 080 degrees here. Many thanks to the other stations that tried to call also.

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July 02, 2008

Interesting log today, two brief Es openings and a strong IONOscatter qso with Joe CT1HZE.

08:02 I4RHP/7 JM99DW 59 59 2151 #
08:03 9A5ST JN83FM 59 59 1795
08:05 IK7UXW JN9DC 55 59 2139
08:42 IWFFK JN61DT 59 59 1630

13:12 CT1HZE IM57NH 529 559 1452

17:15 LZ2ZY KN13OT 59 95 2251
17:19 YU8KG JN95WC 59 59 1950
17:19 YTITM KN4FT 59 59 2005
17:20 9A5SG JN95IM 59 59 1848
17:33 LZ2PI KN23XV 59 59 2441 # and ufb DX

JM99 and KN23 both new squares here.

I missed most of the second opening waiting for the amp to warm up...wish I had solid state! There was very little warning, the band just opened without any notice on OIRT or Band 2 unlike the morning opening, during which the whole of Band 2 was S9++ mush and many VOR beacons were heard as the MUF reached nearly 200MHz.

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