May 25, 2009

Not quite Es

Made a few QSO's this evening on "side scatter Es" to I8 I0 I4 and I7 areas. Paolo posted this on Youtube, nice clear tone not rough like FAI.

Later in the evening the signal tone became very distorted.

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May 06, 2009

Duct closed

The duct is closed now but yesterday was a lot of fun. Both CU beacons were audible all day with 599 strength in the afternoon.

I worked CU3EQ again who made this video:

I spent sometime listening for N7BHC and K4MHZ beacons but heard nothing. I even tried a sked with PJ4NX FK52 on the Dutch Antilles at 7000km....needless to say nothing was heard either way but when the beacons are so loud anything feels possible.


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May 04, 2009

Azores tropo

The Hepburn tropo forecast was spot-on today and CU8DUB HM49kl appeared on 144420 at 13:00 about 529.

I checked for the new CU2VHF beacon in HM77dt that I hadn't heard before and sure enough, there it was quickly rising to 599 by 13:20 UTC, some 6-10dB louder than CU8DUB.

I made some calls and was heard by CU3EQ HM68kp but no QSO resulting before he had to leave for QRL.

The beacon was unstable for a while before reaching 599+10dB at 15:30 when I made this recording:

CU2VHF HM77dt 144401MHz

CU2JX HM77er was QRV about 15:50 just as conditions dropped, we heard each other but didn't complete a QSO and the beacon was gone at 16:00.

Let's hope the beacon will be heard a lot more this summer given that it has a sea path right up the channel to PA/ON.

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May 02, 2009

First tropo 2009

Lack of blogging has reflected lack of activity here due to awful radio conditions. I note that the Met Office is forcasting a long hot summer though so am hoping for some better tropo at least.

A few days ago there was a modest opening to the south west:

18:35 EB8BRZ IL27HX 55 59 2 m. SSB TR 2606
19:23 EA8TX IL18QI 52 51 2 m. SSB TR 2603
19:23 CT2GUR IM59ML 52 53 2 m. SSB TR 1217
20:54 EA8TJ IL18RI 55 55 2 m. SSB TR 2600

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