June 20, 2009

is it or isn't it?...yes it is!

There was strong tropo from Spain today with a couple of contest stations on the north coast 59+ so when I heard EA8ACW/p at 16:10 I though it would be tropo although the fading was very rapid. I worked EB8BRZ and EA8BPX soon afterwards and it definitely sounded like Es but didn't want to set off any alarms without being sure.

Spanish FM radio then overpowered my local stations (although the beam was to the south) so it was Es for sure and there followed a fantastic opening lasting several hours covering CT/EA/EA8/CT3/CN/CU and ZB.

A few new stations in the log too.

16:19 EB8BRZ IL27HX 59 59 2606km
16:25 EA8BPX IL18SK 59 59 2589km
16:30 EA8YT IL18SL 59 59 2585km

17:29 CT3EE/P IM12 59 59 2181km
17:30 CT3KY/P IM12 59 59 2181km
17:31 CT3DL/P IM12 59 59 2181km

17:39 EA8YT IL18SL 59 59 2585km

17:56 CT1EAT IM68DA 59 59 1358km
17:57 EB7DBX IM67LG 59 59 1434km
17:59 CT1EPC IM68GD 59 59 1341km
18:04 EA7TL IM67VO 59 59 1392km
18:13 CT1DHM IN61CA 59 59 1029km

18:20 ZB3B IM76HD 59 57 1552km

18:21 EA4LU IM68TV 59 59 1249km

18:26 CN8SG IM64QG 59 59 1764km
18:42 CN8QN IM63MM 59 56 1849km on S20 FM
19:02 CN8LI IM63NX 59 59 1798km

19:10 EA8AVI IL28FC 59 59 2597km

19:12 CS3BTM 599 2137km

19:50 CU2VHF 559 2389km

D44TD was QRV throughout the opening when hundreds of QSO's were made in his direction from all over G/GW/EI/GI it was a pity that the Es signals didn't seem to connect with the duct that was open EA7-D4 at the thime.

Another 3 1/2 hours of strong Es on 144MHz to the South from IO70, some amazing year 2009.



22:02 144419.6 CU8DUB 559 Es Heard, no stations

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June 14, 2009

Living on the edge

A good sporadic E cloud developed today over JN64, almost too far away from me. I did manage to find 2 stations though:

10:49 SV3BSF 55 55 KM08uf 2510km
11:31 SV2DCD 52 59 KN00nf 2320km

Both very good distances.

I also heard SW4LRJ/2 but couldn't crack the pile up but it sounded like he was enjoying himself.


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June 13, 2009

12th June tropo

Nice tropo duct to Italy last night. Surprising because there was no prediction of it by Hepburn at all, I have usually found the tropo forecast quite reliable but maybe I only look for tropo when Hepburn forecasts it!

19:35 F6BEG JN25js 886km
20:19 F0CXO JN26pp 865km
20:33 F8CHM JN07ik 525km
20:35 F0FVK JN08ib 487km
20:59 IK4PMB JN54gn 1376km
21:05 I2FAK JN45nd 1205km
21:22 IW2DAL JN45nn 1181km then also 59/57 in FM!
21:30 HB9G/P JN36bk 931km
21:32 IW2NRI JN45nr 1171km
21:36 IZ4BEH JN54wl 1431km
21:56 I2FAK JN45nd 1205km

I must try flying this path on Google Earth, surely there are mountains in the way.

As previously when this path opens signals dont break into the Mediterranean area, even though there is excellent tropo there too at this time. I did try with I8MPO for several minutes and continuous weak signals were heard but it's hard to say what the propagation mode was for this.

Still low power here (about 200W) due to tube failure, antenna 2x16ele.

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June 09, 2009

Sporadic E Morocco and Maderia Island

The hotspot seemed to be in the same place as saturday today with a nice opening to Morocco:

11:34 CN8WJ/M 145500 FM Khorigba IM62
12:10 CN8VX/M 145500 FM IM63em
12:28 CN8TY 145500 FM Casablanca

Then at 13:12 as the cloud drifted West the new beacon CS3BTM appeared from IM12.

CS3BTM 144481.1MHz heard at G4LOH 1313utc 9th June 2009

Update 15:55

14:15 CN8WJ/M 145.500 called again and gave his QRA as IM62NV
14:33 CN8QN 59 145.500
14:45 Strong arabic chatter on 145.180MHz I was hoping for a rare square but the reply was "we are fishing ships, fishing ships near Casablanca"....

15:16 CT3KD 59 145.500

The opening continued and CS3BTM got very strong for over half an hour:
CS3BTM 599 at 15:04utc

The beacon peaked over 599 for a long time, D44TD (same QTF) qsy'd from 6m but I didn't hear him at all.

144MHz was open with sporadic-E for about 4 1/2 hours today...amazing!

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June 07, 2009

Location, Location and Location

And, today I was in the right place for the probably the longest, most intense Es cloud I have ever heard on 144MHz.

Activity was limited as is always the case with openings to the South but I worked a bunch of new stations including ZB and EA9 for countries 52 and 53 (excluding EME and MS).

10:30 ZB3B IM76HD 59/59 SSB ES 1552km

10:31 CN8SG IM64QG 59/59 SSB ES 1764km
CN8SG 144MHz SSB via Es 7th June 2009

10:31 CN8YM IM74 59/59 FM ES 1732km

10:32 CN8SR IM73 59/59 FM ES el hajeb 1844km

10:43 CN8QN IM63 59/59 FM ES 1849km

11:01 EA9IB IM85MH 55/53 SSB ES 1654km

11:10 EA7RZ IM86SU 59/59 SSB ES 1489km

11:19 CN8FF IM63 59/59 FM ES 1797km

11:23 EA7CD IM86RQ 59/59 SSB ES 1507km

11:26 EA9IB IM85MH 59/59 SSB ES 1654km

11:30 EB7GWV IM66UM 59/59 SSB ES 1512km

11:34 EA7ERP IM87EE 59/59 SSB ES 1441km

11:37 EA7DUD IM76SR 59/59 SSB ES 1488km

11:46 CN8AT IM63EL 59/59 SSB ES 1859km

11:48 CT2IOV/M 59/59 FM ES 1305km

12:04 CN8WJ/M IM63GO 59/- SSB ES nc 1797km

12:23 EA8AVI IL28FC 55/55 SSB ES 2597km
EA8AVI 144MHz SSB via Es 7th June 2009

12:29 EA8BWY IL18UK 59/59 SSB ES 2584km

12:31 EA8ACW/P IL28EC 59/59 SSB ES 2599km

12:34 EB8BRZ IL27HX 59/59 SSB ES 2606km

12:35 EA8BPX IL18SK 59/59 SSB ES 2589km

12:36 EA8BWY IL18UK 59/59 SSB ES 2584km

12:37 EA8TX IL18QI 59/59 SSB ES 2603km

12:48 EA8BWY IL18UK 59/59 SSB ES 2584km

12:53 EA8YT IL18SL 59/59 SSB ES nc 2585km

The cloud continued to drift west and at 1318 I briefly heard CS3BTM/B.

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