July 17, 2009

Update on Es and Tropo

As a general update about the log I can report that there has been several more DX events here on 144MHz. On the 11th there was finally some tropo to the south west with strong signals from EA8, despite awful wet windy weather I could access the duct well for most of the day.

On the 16th, a long, strong Es event to CT/EA7/CN/EA9 and ZB.

Today the 17th I was expecting an opening to YU with strong VOR signals from there but heard EA9IB calling CQ on 144300.0MHz off the side of the beam. We exchanged 59+ reports after I turned the beam, he stayed strong for about 30minutes but I heard no other stations from that area.

Working away from the Radio for just a few minutes I missed RU4AN being heard on chordal hop at F0EJW IN78 (just a little south from here) so dont know if I would have heard him here, but will always wonder about it :-(

A brief opening to Italy at 10:00 and high MUF all day but no other contacts.

20:50 UTC update

MUF stayed high and produced an excellent fai opening in the evening.

IC8FAX was first in the log at 19:10, with IZ4BEH on ssb at 20:32. IZ4BEH via FAI 144.305MHz MP3 file

In between were: I8MPO with this ssb qso: I8MPO via FAI 144.305MHz MP3 file, IK0BZY, S50C, I3MEK, IK4PMG, I2FAK, 9A9SF, IK4GRD, 9A4M, and IQ3AZ.

Signals were still strong from I8MPO after 22:00 UTC.

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July 10, 2009

CS3BTM Es again

Nice to hear the beacon again today but no-one qrv.

CS3BTM 144481.0MHz 12:00 - 12:30UTC

Still chirpy but very distinctive.

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July 08, 2009

Es report

There was a brief opening today to Maderia Island with CS3BTM on 144481.0 making a brief appearance at 12:02 for 10 minutes or so. The beacon has developed a fault and is chirping badly, hope it gets fixed soon as it has been very useful this summer.

Looking through the recordings from 3rd July Es event I found this recording:

G4LOH with SV9CVY 144.285MHz 2893km

And a little while later when he was even stronger here:



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July 05, 2009

More Es

In an truly remarkable year, 144MHz was open for many hours yesterday, at several times opne to CT and I at the same time:

No new squares or countries today despite 5 hours of listening.

Highlight of the day was to hear Gibralta again, 3rd time this year but still special.

4/7/2009 15:22 ZB3B IM76he

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July 03, 2009

144MHz Chordal Hop Es to Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Another fantastic Es opening today.

It started off good at 14:40 there were Italian Repeaters on FM but no-one on ssb, very odd, but a call on 144300 then produced:

14:42 IH9GPI JM56xt 2018km at 59++

I would have been happy with that contact but the opening soon got even better, the band opened to Italy with IKRWX, IKSMG, I8MPO, IWBJP/ and IK2XEG making the log before a second Es spot produced a spectacular 20 minute opening to Crete

14:58 SV9GPV KM25EH 59/59 144MHz SSB ES 2893km

SV9GPV with G4LOH 144MHz 3rd july 2009 2893km

New country #54 and square 269 from here for me.

Then even louder:

15:07 SV9CVY KM25KA 59/59 144MHz SSB ES 2948km Es ODX

Highlights of rest of the log being:

15:17 SV1BJY KM18UA 59 59 2 m. SSB ES 2647km
15:18 SW1NZX KM17VV 59 59 2 m. SSB ES 2662km #270
15:18 SV1COA KM17UX 59 58 2 m. SSB ES 2650km

A bunch of Italian and Croatian stations then made it into the log with last signals heard here at about 15:50 UTC.

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