June 11, 2010

2010 first post

The system has suffered in the hard winter here, some elements bent on the yagi's, rotator feedback broken and the whole rotator jammed as the Es opening was coming to a close.

PC with LiveMUF installed is broken.

Did manage a few qso's with 30W (Tube PA is also broken), Two well placed clouds enabled this chordal hop QSO:

06:58 144.310MHz SV9CVY 59 59 KM25ka 2947km

Copied SV9 for nearly half an hour during which I tried CW qso with 4X1UN with a few pings heard but cannot confirm they were from him.

07:52 IT9BLB/9 JM68qe
07:56 IT9CJC JM76ew

Need to make some repairs now...

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