August 12, 2011

10th August 2011 D44TD tropo

I have had a few problems with the ISP recently and the blog has been down.

After a pretty awful summer for Es and tropo there was a spectacular tropo opening on the 9th/10th August.

9th August 2011
1031 EA8TX
1303 EB8BRZ
1902 EA8TJ
1903 EA8CQW
1948 EA8BPX
2159 EA8CSG

By the evening the EA8 stations were 59+ and I was keen to try some more volcano backscatter contacts. CT1FFU was available:

2155 CT1FFU 529 579 via IL18 Tiede Volcano
A path of IO70-IL18-IM59kk 3950km

A little later we tried again and found that CT3 was providing a better path
2217 CT1FFU 519 579
A path of IO70jc-IM12-IM59kk 3200km

On the morning of the 10th August the beacons CS3BTM and ED8ZAA were both 599 and I was pleased to start the day with:

0746 CT3HF IM12or 2154km
1152 EB8BRZ Il27hx now 59

Joe CT1HZE had sent a message to Xara D44TD and it seemed an excellent day to try a QSO with Cape Verde. As soon as he came on the band he was heard here:

1327 D44TD 52 55 HK86no 4041km

A 1339 Xara was heard giving a report to EI4DQ I don't know if the QSO was completed over a QRB of 4130km
D44TD - EI4DQ 4130km

At 1340 he has getting stronger:

1340 D44TD 55 57
G4LOH - D44TD 4041km 1340UTC Pt1

1640 EA8YV
1652 D44TD 52 55
1656 D44TD 55 59
1700 D44TD 59 59+20dB

D44TD - G4LOH - M0VRL 4114km Pt1

Terry M0VRL later completed a contact with Xara and I believe they now hold the Region 1 Tropo DX record if EI4DQ was unable to complete, congratulations to both stations for this remarkable distance.

1740 D44TD 59 59
1815 D44TD 55 59
1816 CT3HF 59 59

By this time the 1 Watt beacon on Maderia was 59+20dB here and I tried some more QSO's using the islands as passive reflectors:

1820 CT2GUR 53 53 ssb via CT3
1833 CT1FFU 529 579 via CT3

All the regular EA8 stations were endstop strength 59+60dB on my S-meter for the rest of the evening, even EA8BFK IL38bo was 57 despite the path bveing partially obscured by the mountains of Galicia IN53 which normally block the path.

The zener stack in my PA blew and I switched to a reserve 80W solid state amp:

2008 D44TD 59 59 His station 50W 12ele yagi, me 80W 4 x 16ele Yagi.

I had listened often during the day for the CU8DUB beacon without a trace being heard. CU3EQ was hearing the Maderia beacon well so we tried Island scatter and I was amazed to make it with very modest power:

2123 CU3EQ 529 559 HM68kp via CT3 3300km, 80W QRO Only.

(CU3EQ QTF 130 degrees, G4LOH QTF 211 degrees, Maderia Islands)

Quite a day!

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