July 13, 2013

12th July Tropo log

There was an extraordinary tropo opening to Italy yesterday. I probably missed most of it but was QRV from just before lunchtime.

12:18 I3MEK 559 559 JN55sj

Then straight afterwards:

12:20 I3MEK 59 59 JN55sj SSB

12:23 HB9CAT 52/41 JN46la Marco has a 10 degree horizon in this direction!!

12:28 I2FAK
12:33 I2SVA JN45nt
12:39 IK3VZO JN55xa
12:43 I1DMP 55 57
12:48 IW3HRT
13:52 IV3DXW 429 519 JN65qq

I was also heard at IK0SMG, JN61.

The HB9HB beacon was incredibly loud throughout, perhaps the path involved a strong, high level duct into the Alps and the signal then diffracting from the peaks.

Posted by Tim at 08:29 PM